07 Jul 1957

A Hard Day and Night!

What a day and night it was yesterday.  I got back very late so I couldn’t write anything till today.  And I’m still exhausted!

Yesterday was the St Peter's Garden Fete to crown the Rose Queen, I didn't know her but we do know the retiring Queen, Susan Dixon, who lives over the road from Mickey Rice in Manor Way. 

We practise in his dad’s garage from time to time and Susan comes over to listen. As I think I mentioned a few weeks ago, the Quarrymen  were asked to be in the procession around the village before the fete started.  This year the route was down King's Drive, along Hunt's Cross Avenue and back up to the village via Manor Road. Lucky for us the rain held off and we didn't get wet.

Mum and Dad were standing outside our house in King's Drive as we went past and we saw Dad taking some photos with his new Leica.  We all waved!    Can’t wait to see the photos.  Rosemary was on a lorry with the Brownies, with Geoff's sister Viv and John's sister Jackie. My brother Bernie was with the scouts.


The Quarrymen were on the back of Chadwick's lorry, with our friend Chadda Chadwick actually driving. It wasn't easy playing on the lorry although we were last in the procession, no mike for John, difficult to make ourselves heard what with the band of the Cheshire Yeomanry blasting it out and the Scouts' bugle band as well.

It was a lot better on stage in the Church Field in the afternoon, we played a lot of numbers including "Maggie May", Railroad Bill", "Cumberland Gap" & the new song that John can never remember the words to "Come go with me". John’s Aunt Mimi was there, with his Mum Julia and his sisters.  Mimi seemed to be surprised to see John on stage (apparently he didn’t tell her in advance) and he actually started singing "Mimi's coming down the path" in the middle of a song!

Lots of friends crowded onto the stage as we were playing. Geoff Rhind had his new Kodak Coronet camera and he reckons he took some great photos of us. I’m looking forward to seeing them.

The Police Dog display was the usual boring stuff, jumping through hoops of fire and biting lumps out of policeman pretending to be burglars.


I saw Ivan watching us from the field, with a young mate of his from the Liverpool Institute (the rival school to us Quarry Bank boys) who was wearing a white jacket!   Very flash!  I didn't get to talk to his pal.

After our afternoon performance, while we were having refreshments in the scout hut, he showed the lads how well he could play the guitar – with real guitar chords, not banjo chords - and he knew the words to loads of rock ‘n’ roll songs. Everyone agrees that he sounded quite good.  John and Pete were talking about him after he left but I didn’t really hear what they were saying as we were getting ready for the evening show that took place in the St. Peter’s Church Hall where they have weddings and dances.

George Edwards band played for the Grand Dance, we played in the interval. A friend of mine, Bob Molyneux, who lives on the other side of King’s Drive to me, brought his Grundig tape recorder with him and he reckons he recorded us playing about a dozen numbers, including “Putting on the Style" and "Baby, let's play house".

I wonder what they'll sound like because there is a terrible echo in the Church Hall as the roof is so high!  He said he will try and make them available to listen to on this new thing called Yew Valve.


Posted by Rod Davis on 07 July, 1957


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