27 May 1957

All About Me!


Hello! I’m Rod Davis from Woolton. A little village on the outskirts of Liverpool.  I’m 15.  I’ll be 16 this November.  (7th November is the exact date if you want to send me a birthday card!)  Welcome to my online diary, which for reasons I’ll explain, I’ve decided to call a “blog”. 

I go to Quarry Bank High School in Liverpool which is a pretty good grammar school. We’re divided up into several “houses” at school and I’m in Woolton House which is mainly other lads who live in Woolton or its surroundings.


I play banjo in a group called The Quarrymen with some friends from school who are all in the same house.  There’s John Lennon who started the group.  Pete Shotton, Eric Griffiths and me.  We also have a friend of John’s called Len Garry who goes to school at a rival grammar school, the Liverpool Institute.  And a pal of ours called Colin Hanton who has left school and is already working.

Posted by Rod Davis on 27 May, 1957


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