11 Jun 1957

Blackpool Rocks!


We’re off school all week as it’s Whitsun Week. Yesterday Dad drove us to Blackpool to watch the Air Display at Squiresgate, some great flying! There were a couple of Fairey Gannets, just like our rubber powered model version, a Vulcan, a Hurricane and a Spitfire and loads of other stuff. Got some good photos.  We also visited the sea-front, and I ate two sticks of Blackpool Rock (with the name of the town all the way through the rock.  We saw the famous Blackpool Tower and I took a snap of it.



Today Bob Hughes and I cycled to North Wales, it was a lot further than I’ve ever ridden before and my backside is still sore. Bob has a rather nice yellow Dawes with derailleur gears, but it’s not quite as light as my J F Wilson, which I got for my 14th birthday two Novembers back (in 1955). However the best bike around has got to be Eric’s, he has a chrome framed Claud Butler, with tubular tyres, really flashy, but if he doesn’t take care of it the chrome will start peeling off and it’ll look terrible.   John has got a Raleigh Lenton.  Quite funny that he’s got a bike that has almost the same name as his surname (his surname is Lennon).

While we were in Queensferry on the way back home Bob and I visited my Uncle George and Auntie Mil and cadged some tea off them. Uncle George was pleased to hear that his brother-in-law Emrys’ old banjo was actually being used again in a band. He still has his old fiddle and also the musical saw which he used to play in the same band as Em, who played guitar and doubled on banjo. Pity he had sold the guitar by the time we found out, it was probably one of those great old cello dance band guitars I’ve seen pictures of.  Still, I’m pretty pleased with the banjo.

Posted by Rod Davis on 11 June, 1957


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