17 Jul 1957

Caught On Tape!

Our schoolmate Geoff Molyneux has come through on his promise!   He recorded our Saturday night concert at St. Peter’s Church Hall about ten days ago and he has now put a sound file (I think it’s called an “MP1”) onto this new gizmo called “You Tube” (I got it wrong before – I thought it was called Yew Valve!).  Apparently you upload sound or visual files to this place and anyone in the world can see it.  

As no one we know has a one of those 8mm movie cameras it was all down to Geoff and his Grundig tape recorder (seen in this photo). They have a limit of just one minute per item as apparently the entire internet would completely crash if people put up too much stuff!  So Geoff has put up about a minute of us doing Lonnie Donegan’s “Putting On The Style” and Elvis Presley’s “Baby Let’s Play House” – two of Lennon’s favourites!  The sound quality isn’t that great.  Too much echo in the church hall with the high ceiling.  And our playing wasn’t exactly perfect!  But it’s still very exciting that people can hear us.  Click here to hear The Quarrymen live at St. Peter’s Church Hall!


Posted by Rod Davis on 17 July, 1957


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