15 Jul 1957

Dites Fromage!

Last Saturday Mickey Rice, Jammy Hartley and I went on coach trip to Coventry to Baginton Airport to watch the King's Cup Air races and the aerobatic competition. Fantastic flying by a Czech Zlin 226 Akrobat doing loop the loops but horizontally, at low level. Unbelievable. Loads of great aircraft, pre-war Bucker Jungmeister German biplane also doing some great stuff.  I grabbed a few photos.

They took the school photo today all 660 or so of us at the same time with all the masters and staff - it happens every two years. One of those huge panoramic photos taken with a camera that swings from left to right. If you time it correctly you can actually be photographed twice by waiting until the camera comes past you then running along to the far end and then the camera takes you a second time. Lennon persuaded Harry Gooseman to try this but we’re not sure if he succeeded so we’ll have to wait until the photos appear to find out what happened.

The photographer had no idea of how to manage a bunch of schoolboys, he limped rather badly and whistled through his fingers for silence and then said “The sooner you are quiet the sooner you’ll be back behind your desks”. Well, you can imagine what happened. What an idiot! It took ages to get us all in order after that!


Posted by Rod Davis on 15 July, 1957


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