30 Jul 1957

Ferry Cross La Manch-ee (& getting Sic!)

This has been a bit late posting.  This French campsite where we’re staying today has only got one computer in the camp office that has to be shared by everyone who wants to use it. So I had to wait my turn to write and upload this blog entry.  

We got down to London safely in the old Austin Hereford, stayed in Buckhurst Hill with Uncle Jack and then we had to drive through London. We crossed the Thames on the Woolwich Ferry, a real old tub, and then found a campsite near Dover. We had to get up early this morning to be on time at the port.



The crossing, which took two hours or so, was quite rough and Dad was feeling really seasick despite having taken a couple of Kwells sea-sickness tablets. Bernie and Rosemary decided they wanted some lemonade, and as it was a French boat, not an English one, they only had French lemonade, in two flavours, one green and one yellow. Unfortunately the name of the lemonade was “Sic”, so there they were dancing round Dad saying “Dad, can I have a bottle of yellow Sic”, and “I want a bottle of green Sic”, he was not a very happy man when we got off the boat at Boulogne!



Dad had to drive the car off the boat and we all had to walk down the gangplank. The man taking the tickets looked at us and said “Quatre?” so I replied “Oui!” and blushed to the roots of my hair!  It was the first French word I ever used in France!

We camped in the sand dunes near Le Touquet and kept finding empty bullet cases left over from the war every time we tried to knock a tent peg into the sand! Let’s hope they are all duds.  


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