08 Jul 1957

First Pix From Our Big Day!


Dad just gave me these terrific photos he took on Saturday as the procession lorry with us Quarrymen on it went by our house.  We were sitting down by the time we got there because it was so hard to be heard without a microphone, so we were taking a break.  You can see us all in these pictures.



In the snap where we’re all looking towards the camera, Eric (who plays guitar) is on the left.  Then Pete who has very blond hair and plays the washboard.  Then standing up in a check shirt is Len who plays the tea-chest bass.  Next to him sitting down is Colin our drummer.  Then finally me standing up in a white shirt (I play banjo).  Unfortunately the angle of the photo and where Len is standing means that he is blocking us from seeing our singer and guitarist John. He will be miffed when he sees this pic!   

The good news is that you can see all of us including John in the second pic.  

However John looks like he’s catching 40 winks in the photo!  I think he was just pacing himself.  Just as well as it really did turn out to be a very long day.

Posted by Rod Davis on 08 July, 1957


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