09 Aug 1957

French Lessons

Yesterday there was this French family moved on to the pitch next door and one of them actually has a guitar.  Very nice people with a lovely dog.  I started chatting to him and explained that I could play the banjo and so he promised to teach me a few guitar chords before we leave. It can’t be that difficult! I don’t reckon there’s much future in banjo playing except maybe in a Dixieland Jazz Band. As I’m really interested in Blues and American Folk Music I think it’s about time I acquired a guitar. I nearly got one last year instead of the banjo. It was just unlucky that my uncle’s friend had sold his guitar and still had the banjo, otherwise I would have been streets ahead by now.  There is however the slight problem of finding some cash to actually buy a guitar, five pounds is totally out of my league.


Posted by Rod Davis on 09 August, 1957


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