17 Jun 1957

High Flyers!

The flyers for the Woolton Village Garden Party are being given out all over the village today and we gave out a lot at school.  I’m attaching a “scan” of the flyer to this blog entry.  It looks very impressive but I do have a few minor quibbles with it.


I quite understand us being given second billing to the George Edwards Band in the part advertising the Grand Dance in the evening.  They are older than us of course and deserve that placement.  But in the afternoon part of the flyer, we are bottom of the bill!  Underneath 5 other “turns” including a police dog display and fancy dress contest!  Thank God there isn’t a puppet show – we’d have been billed after them too!

My other beef is that they haven’t got our name right.  We are the “Quarrymen” (one word).  Not “Quarry Men” (two words).  We got our name from a line in our school song that definitely says “Quarrymen”.   “Quarrymen, old before our birth. Straining each muscle and sinew".  (Though as John often says he doesn’t believe in straining ANY muscles or sinews!)  And the part that says “skiffle group” isn’t really part of our name.  But I suppose the organizers want to let everyone know in advance (or warn them!) what type of music we play.  I bet John would rather it say “rock ‘n’ roll group” if anything!


Posted by Rod Davis on 17 June, 1957


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