14 Jun 1957

Hunt The Thimble!



Tonight we played at Barney’s which is what they call St Barnabas’s Church Hall in Penny Lane. Shotton, the idiot, forgot to bring the thimbles for his washboard, so we had to try and find some in a hurry!  Of course by the time he realised he’d forgotten them, all the shops were closed and so we all had to go round to my grandma’s house in Oakdale Road just near the roundabout. As she went to open the front door all she could see through the glass was this bunch of lads and she thought it was a gang of Teddy Boys come to frighten her! However, when she realised it was me she invited us in for a cup of tea whilst she found enough thimbles for Pete. We promised to stuff them through the letterbox after the dance, which we did, so there was no harm done!  And we had a nice cuppa as well!

Posted by Rod Davis on 14 June, 1957


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