20 Jul 1957

Last Week Of School!

Colin's cousin's wedding was last Saturday night, the Quarrymen were invited to play but I wasn't allowed to go - Mum again putting her foot down. I think it must have been because she’s now heard something about the trouble at Rosebery Street a few weeks ago. She doesn’t want her darling son to be beaten up by a load of toughs!  Well I don’t either but I still want to play with the group!

Eric told me this morning at school that on Saturday night after they had played Pete said to John that he was fed up with playing the washboard so John smashed it over his head and left him sitting there with the frame hanging round his neck! They must have had a few drinks but they were still laughing like drains according to Eric. So we are now minus a washboard player. It doesn't really matter as we are playing more rock ‘n’ roll these days so a washboard doesn’t really fit in.  Come to that, neither does a banjo. I much prefer skiffle and anyway you can't play rock 'n' roll on a banjo, it’s just stupid.

School Term ends this week and John, Pete & Eric are all leaving Quarry Bank. I’m staying on another year as I'm going to sit for some A-levels next year.  I wonder if we’ll be playing as much with everyone going separate ways.  I'm going to have so much homework I don’t know how much time I’ll have for playing music.


Posted by Rod Davis on 20 July, 1957


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