01 Jun 1957

Lonnie Puts On The Style!


We had a group rehearsal at Julia’s house in Springwood in the afternoon. (Julia is John’s mum though these days he lives with his Aunt Mimi in Woolton.) At one point she grabbed my banjo and showed us a couple more chords. She much prefers my banjo to the guitars!  John persuaded her to let us practise in the bathroom, John even stood in the bath! The echo effect was fantastic, Julia’s two daughters Julia (junior) and Jacqui were both there listening.  They really seemed to enjoy watching their big brother play.

In the evening I went to see Lonnie Donegan perform at the Liverpool Empire with Geoff Rhind and Mickey Rice. It was absolutely packed out and of course Lonnie and his group were fantastic, especially his new guitarist, Jimmie Currie on the electric guitar. Lonnie was singing his new hit, “Putting On The Style”. John likes it a lot and we’ve been trying to get the words so we can do it ourselves.  

PS - Geoff took a photo of Lonnie on his new camera-phone (it’s called a me-Phone and I think it may catch on.)  He’s just emailed it to me so I’m going to try and “post” it on this blog entry. Hope it works.



Posted by Rod Davis on 01 June, 1957


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