24 Aug 1957

Maybe You Can Drive Dad’s Car

Geoff departed on holiday for the week today, he’s going to Llandudno, he’ll be back next Sat in time for when the GCE results come out. We all had to leave a stamped addressed postcard in the school office with our subjects written on the back, so all the secretary has to do is to write the marks against each one.

Today we drove to Ainsdale in Dad’s Austin Hereford. The beach is so huge that they used to use it for motor racing before the war.  Dad let me have a go at driving the car, it’s OK if you keep well away from little kids and sand castles. I’m beginning to get the hand of changing the gears with the column change, it’s a bit floppier than the old Standard Eight which had a floor mounted gear lever. I’m really looking forward to when I’m seventeen and can take my driving test, however I’ve got another fifteen months before my seventeenth birthday, so I should know what I’m doing by then, with loads of practice on the beach!  Mum brought tea from home for us in a new flask that has a vacuum to keep drinks hot (or cold) called a “Thermos”


Posted by Rod Davis on 24 August, 1957


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