09 Jun 1957

Never On A Sunday!


The Quarrymen played at the Empire this afternoon in the auditions for the Carroll Levis’ Discoveries Show. Mum, who has a thing about me playing skiffle on Sundays, wouldn’t let me go. I felt really bad about letting the others down but she dug her heels in, so that was that. However, John dropped in on his way home and told me that they did actually get through the audition so we are due to play in the actual show, the evening of Wednesday 19th, I think we have to be there at 7 o’clock.



We’re going to do our best to get a big gang of friends and relations there as the winners are decided by some machine called a “Clapometer” which apparently measures the sounds made by people clapping!  (What will they think of next?!)  So you need to have a lot of people to make plenty of noise and shout and applaud loudly or you’ve got no chance.

Posted by Rod Davis on 09 June, 1957


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