19 Jul 1957

New Miner In The Quarry?!

Practised at John’s home “Mendips” after school today, My friend Dave dropped by for a while and he took a snap of it as it is a very nice semi-detached house. (He’s just emailed the pic to me).  Mimi doesn’t usually let us, so this was an exception. That friend of Ivan’s from the Institute (the local grammar school – not a nut-house!) called Paul something or other was there to listen to us practise. This is the lad who plays the guitar properly, who everyone’s been talking about since he visited us in the scout hut after we played at the St. Peter’s garden party. He seems pleasant enough but he didn’t actually try to play anything today.  He’s left-handed and of course all our instruments are right-handed. Apparently he lives in Forthlin Road off Mather Avenue, the same street as Jammy Hartley, so maybe that’s why we practised at Aunt Mimi’s today as all he would have to do was cycle across the golf course to get there.  John seemed very pleased to have a newcomer watching our rehearsals.  And he and Paul were talking about some rock and roll songs they both liked.  Yes, but what about the skiffle??!!!


Posted by Rod Davis on 19 July, 1957


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