19 Jun 1957

Not Quite Discovered…

Carroll Levis’ Discoveries Show at the Empire. The lads were kind enough to let me play with them even though I’d not been able to make the audition due to my Mum not letting me play music on Sundays when the audition took place.



Unfortunately we weren’t actually discovered. We played “Worried Man Blues”, rather well I must say, and all our friends and families applauded as loud as possible, but we were well beaten by a skiffle group who’d come all the way from North Wales, Caernarvon I think, in a motor coach, which was absolutely packed with all their mates. They made such a racket that the Clapometer needle went right off the top of the scale so that was that. In fact they were pretty good, instead of just standing still and playing like we did, they were jumping all over the stage, the tea-chest bass player was even rolling on his back on the floor as he was playing it, so the stick must have been attached to the box somehow, otherwise he couldn’t have done it.



We were all seriously fed up but Carroll Levis is a slimy sort of bloke and I didn’t like him at all. All the winners from the two shows every evening during the week are asked to come back for the grand final on Saturday night, however we certainly won’t be there.

Posted by Rod Davis on 19 June, 1957


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