07 Aug 1957

Ou Est Le Garlic?!

Two days ago we reached our campsite here on the side of Lake Annecy, near the French border with Switzerland. It’s a really nice place, with a small beach and a few boats. We tried a swim but the water was icy cold, even worse than Woolton Swimming Baths!   It must be fed by some glaciers up in the mountains.  I even spotted and snapped a typical Frenchman selling onions from his bike.  He had even had a beret on!  But alas no baguette tucked under his arm!  The other lads are probably on stage at the Cavern Club as I type this.  Part of me wishes I was there with them. There are always good looking girls at the Cavern!  But I am enjoying this holiday with Mum, Dad, my brother and sister.



Posted by Rod Davis on 07 August, 1957


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