08 Jun 1957

Our Founder Which Art In Hessy’s!


Went down town to Hessy’s this morning to get some new banjo strings. Jim Gretty recommended me to try some Cathedral Tropical Banjo Strings - they’re a bit dearer than the usual Cathedral ones but they're supposed not to rust so quickly. We’ll see! I also spent two shillings on a banjo tutor so I can start learning some fancier chords up the neck.  John has got some new rock and roll songs he wants us all to learn so I’d better be prepared in case any of them have got fancy chords!



Dropped in for an expresso coffee at this new coffee bar, called the Majorca in Church Street next door to the Tatler Cinema. I’ve never been in there before and I doubt if I’ll be going again. A whole sixpence for a cup of vile tasting brown frothy stuff is sheer daylight robbery, and they didn’t even have proper cups, they were made of glass so I bet they break easily when you drop one. No wonder they charge so much for the coffee it must cost them a fortune in broken cups.

Practice at Colin's in the PM, Geraldine Davies from next door brought her tape recorder again and she made some quite good recordings. We’ve been working on a “Doo-Wop” number - whatever that means - called “Come go with me” which John dredged up from somewhere, I think he must have heard it on Radio Luxemburg. Unfortunately he didn’t quite manage to copy down all the words properly and there are a few gaps, so he’s going to try and fill them in somehow, I can’t see anyone noticing the difference anyway. Most of this rock and roll stuff has rubbish words anyway.

We were supposed to play at St Peter's Youth Club in the evening, but once again Jack Gibbons didn’t provide a microphone, he claimed it was broken, so John refused to play. It’s no joke trying to sing for a hundred people all dancing and making a noise. He gets hoarse very quickly and loses his voice. If they want us to play and they can’t be bothered paying us it’s the least they can do to provide a mike. Let’s hope they have a decent one by the time we play for the Rose Queen garden party next month or else….  So we weren’t very popular, I’m afraid. Fish and chips with Colin and Eric on the way home in the village.  Pretty good.


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