13 Jun 1957

Rock With The Cavern-Man!

Yesterday we played at the Cavern’s Skiffle Session, this was headed by the Gin Mill Skiffle Group who have an incredibly tall chap called Tony Davies (no relation!) playing clarinet, of all things! There were also the Texans, the Dark Town Skiffle Group and a couple of others. We had about 20 minutes but we nearly got thrown out because John insisted on singing some new Elvis number we’ve just sorted out called “All shook up”.  I actually argued with him on stage as we all know Alan Sytner gets really angry when the groups try to slip in a rock ‘n’ roll number. Anyway John went ahead and sang it and the audience got a bit restless and aggressive and Sytner sent us a note up on stage telling John to “Stop the bloody rock”, but by then it was too late. I just hope that this doesn’t mean he’ll never book us again, I didn’t think it was worth the risk.



We managed to get a swift half of bitter in the Grapes afterwards, the barmaid didn’t seem too bothered about our ages and for once Colin, who actually is 18 but looks much younger, didn’t have to produce his birth certificate!  Colin had his usual pint of Black Velvet, which I think is beer mixed up with cider.  How he drinks that stuff without throwing up I’ll never know.

Posted by Rod Davis on 13 June, 1957


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