11 Aug 1957

Si, Si, Je Suis Un Skiffle Star!

The French guitarist, whose name is Claude Gagnaire, has been showing me some chords and I can now just about manage G, D7 and C for the key of G.  And C and G7 for the key of C.  But playing the chord of F is going to prove difficult. It is ripping chunks out of my fingers already!  Mind you, he calls them something different -  “Do” is the French for C and “So” is the French for G!  Very confusing!  At the end of the evening Claude and some others sat round a camp fire and played some French folk songs.  Very enjoyable.

He also uses a thing called a capodastro - or something like that, which he clamps across the strings so he can play simple chords but higher up the neck. So if he puts it on the fourth fret and plays a C chord, it actually comes out in E! Clever stuff. Obviously I’ll have to get one someday. But first - the guitar. Dad has suggested that Bernie and I sell our old electric train set which has been gathering dust in the loft for years and use the money to buy ourselves a guitar. That way we can both learn at the same time. Sounds a good idea to me, I can’t wait to get home again and set the wheels in motion!  (I didn’t mean to make a pun about our train set but I suppose I did unintentionally!)



We’re leaving Annecy tomorrow and we should be crossing the Channel on Friday, so we’ll get back to Liverpool on Sunday. Frank Hessy’s Music Shop, here we come!

It’ll be good to catch up with John, Len, Eric, Pete, Colin and the whole gang.  I wonder how the show at the Cavern went?  I’ll find out when we get back.


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