15 Jun 1957

Taking The Mike!


Big laugh this afternoon - we were practising at Eric’s and Mickey Rice and Jammy Hartley were there to listen, as they often do. I had this old microphone which we plugged into the back of Eric’s radiogram and it does actually work. We were all in the sitting room and we took it in turns sing down the microphone from the breakfast room next door. Hartley decided to have a go, and for a joke we decided to kid him that his voice sounded fantastic through the microphone and he really began to believe us.



He was singing Mario Lanza stuff from the “Student Prince” and the rest of us we rolling round the floor, stuffing handkerchiefs in our mouth so he wouldn’t hear us laughing. Eventually we had to tell him that it had all been a joke and he did get rather annoyed. I have to admit to feeling a bit bad over this as he was one of my best mates and it was very cruel, because he obviously believed us. Still, it was very funny at the time.

Posted by Rod Davis on 15 June, 1957


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