12 Jul 1957

We Made The News Today – Oh Boy!!!

Today our local paper, The Garston & Woolton Weekly News has a report on the Rose Queen, in which we are mentioned as îthe popular Quarry Men Skiffle Groupî who ìprovided an entirely different type of musicî.  John Lennon is ìthe popular vocalistî and they also mention that we appeared in Carroll Levis Discoveries ìbut unfortunately did not quite qualify for the finalî. For some reason they reported that Colin did not appear, heaven knows why, maybe he was just playing more quietly than he usually does!  


For some reason grown-ups keep getting our name wrong.  First the flyer and then the programme for the Garden Fete both spelled our name as two words ìQuarry Menî instead of one word which is how we spell it.  Exactly like it is in our school song.  Now this newspaper as well!   They should look on our website before typing a story!

BTW I’ve attached a pic of the exterior of St. Peter’s Church.  It was this church’s garden where we played last Saturday afternoon and in their hall in the evening.  The church is NOT named after Pete Shotton and that’s for sure!

I’ve also got a shot I took while the church hall staff were preparing the hall late Saturday afternoon for the big dance.




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